About Us


Juve Juice is your health and wellness juice shop native to Houston, Texas. Organically grown, we source our produce from local farms and vendors and create our recipes from general health needs and individual health concerns tailored to each customer.

Our goal is to guide our customer to select a recipe which will provide the necessary nutrients that will enhance their journey of wellness. Family owned; we are equipped with a team specifically trained in raw food preparation. Our grandmother, Vivian Richardson, was a pioneer of Houston’s raw food industry. Co-owner of Raw Truth Vegetarian Café in Houston’s Third Ward, Vivian was diagnosed with cancer in 1991. Before her diagnosis, she consumed meat, starches, and cooked vegetables and was a habitual smoker. After her diagnosis, she changed her diet to consume raw fruits and vegetables in solid and juice form, ceased smoking, and was able to live in remission for 13 YEARS! During those years, she passed down natural remedies for the common cold, stomach viruses, blockage in intestines, and overall wellness. In 2006, the raw food foremother passed, marking a major testimonial upside to the benefits of juicing and raw food preparation.  

We are extremely passionate about crafting each recipe to promote a specific health need that we have granted our customers the opportunity to chat with our certified Holistic Nutritionist before purchasing. Feel free to contact us to pick up a free sample package. Rejuvenate your life!